Chiltern Cross Country League

Redway Runners have joined the ‘RESULTS BASE CHILTERN CROSS COUNTRY LEAGUE’ from in October 2014.

On this page you should find most of the information you need.

Redway Runners Team Managers:

Katue Tucker is the Ladies team manager and can be contacted by mail at:
James Down is the Men’s team manager and can be contacted by mail at:

How much is entry?
Entry is free to all paid and registered Redway Runner members for this league, if you want to race after registration has been submitted or if you lose you race number, then a £3 fee will need to be paid for any remaining races.

Who can take part?
How you represent the club in these races depends on your club membership: (you can take part free providing you register by the deadline

1st claim paid England Athletics Affiliation can take part in the league for free and score

2nd claim England Athletics Affiliation (if first claim club is in the Chiltern League) have to run for first claim club

2nd claim England Athletics Affiliation (if first claim club are not in the Chiltern League) are free but do not score

Non England Athletics Affiliation members do not score – If you want to score you may want to add England Athletics Affiliation to your membership complete and return the joining form with a cheque to Martin – see the Join page.

What to wear?
Under the league rules all our runners need to wear club kit, so your Redway Runner top, i.e either tee or vest, if you do not have one they can be ordered from the club shop – but take about 21 days

Where and When
All the details of races and results are available at the web site for the event at:

The dates and venues for the 2019/2020 Chiltern Leage are:

  • October 12: Oxford (Horspath)
  • November 9: Milton Keynes (Teardrop Lakes – incorportaing the UKA Cross Challenge and Oxford University v RAF)
  • December 7: Luton (Stopsley Common)
  • January 11: Bedford (Keysoe Equestrian Centre)
  • February 8: Milton Keynes (Campbell Park)

See more on the Redway Runners Cross Country Facebook group at:


League Dates for 2018/2019 season

  • 13 October – Oxford
  • 10 November – Milton Keynes (Teardrop Lakes) – combined with the UKA Cross Challenge
  • 1 December – Luton (Stopsley Common)
  • 12 January – Bedford (Keysoe)
  • 9 February – Milton Keynes (Campbell Park)


Races 2017/2018 season

  • 14 October (Oxford Shottover Hill)
  • 11 November (Teardrop Lakes, Milton Keynes – including UK Challenge)
  • 2 December (Luton Stopsley Common)
  • 13 January (Bedford Keysoe)
  • 10 February (MK Campbell Park)

Races 2016/2017 season

  • 15 October (Oxford),
  • 12 November (Teardrop Lakes, Milton Keynes – including UK Challenge),
  • 3 December (Luton),
  • 14 January (Keysoe)
  • 11 February (Campbell Park, Milton Keynes),

Races 2015/2016 season

  • 10 October, College Equestrian Centre,Keysoe approx 10 miles north of Bedford postcode MK44 2JP
  • 7 November, Tear Drop Lakes, Milton Keynes
  • 5 December, Culham, Abingdon (*£3 parking per car)
  • 16 January, Wigmore Park, Luton
  • 13 February, Campbell Park, Milton Keynes
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