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April 16, 2020 by Martin Lawrence
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Hi and hope all keeping well.

The last few months have been tough times for us all and our lives have changed, for me one thing that has kept me going is the daily run, looking back it is strange and could never have been planned where we are today!!

First the virus spread and we started to take measures that eventually resulted in the club stopping runs and Face to Face on the 17 March 2020, up to this time took a lots of advice and support from Tim our medical lead

Then we went into lockdown, this had two aspects for the club. Firstly the business as usual activities, so things have continued with weekly club mail, the Podcasts and then things have progressed behind the scenes with renewals, EA registrations and RR event planning and re-planning (Steve). Plus lockdown fell over the end of the club year so end of year accounts still must be done and annual reports completed.

But as well as the remaining ‘normal’ activities, we have had to look to keep the club active and it gave us a chance to try some new items, for me a number of things have been thought about but never had the chance to actually do, like the podcast runs, Redway Runners Got talent, virtual run ideas, Saturday night quiz looking over the last few weeks have been so many and so many people have stepped forward and helped in lots of different ways that I really do appreciate it.

Of course more things are ‘ideas in progress’ with these find as always some happen and other fall away, but that is part of the fun.

One of the things have also done is keep a record of what no doubt will be a big part of Redway Runners as well as the world history, been developing and will continue to develop this page on the club website:

Hopefully, soon we will start to soon move into the ‘Exit’ phase and we can start to develop plans for getting the club back up and running again, bigger, better and running Milton Keynes again, we are considering a number of ideas and ways to get going, but until we have information on what is allowed and when, then we cannot firm up the plans as it will probably not be a case of everything starts again on a set date and we may have a phased solution, but that will not start till the earliest 1 June 2020 in accordance with EA guidelines.

But as when we have ideas we will let you know.

But in the meantime I want to say a big thank you to all those that have supported me and the club over what has been a difficult time

We will run again

Martin Lawrence
Redway Runners