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Two years of Streaking

December 05, 2021 by Martin Lawrence
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One of our Run Leads Chris Jeanes has recently completed two years of his ongoing run streak (running every day without a rest day), initially having no particular reason or target he has now decided to dedicate his ongoing run streak challenge to his father Peter who passed away earlier this year after a short battle with Lung Cancer, and has set up a Just Giving page in his father’s memory –


Chris has decided to publish answers to the most commonly asked questions by fellow runners when they learn he is doing a run streak…


  • Q) What made you start doing a run streak?
  • A) Fellow Redway Runners Colette Moore and Will Shippin were already doing very successful run streaks of their own back in 2019, so I thought I’d try it out and see how I got on.  So it’s all their fault.


  • Q) What’s your minimum distance?
  • A) One Mile – This is the minimum distance as defined on the International Running Streak Register –


  • Q) I bet you get through a lot of shoes?
  • A) Yes it is very important to rotate shoes (shoes last longer if they have rest days), see the photo for “some” of the shoes I have worn on this streak.


  • Q) Don’t you get injured?
  • A) I’ve had a few niggles but nothing major… whenever I get a niggle I reduce weekly milage, and dial back the pace and distance of my runs for a few days


  • Q) Don’t your legs get tired?
  • A) Not as much as you’d think, but when they do it’s normally a sign I’ve gone too quick or too far over the last few days, so when this happens I run short and easy for a few days.


  • Q) Do you ever get days you don’t want to run?
  • A) Sometimes, not often – I try and do as many club runs as I can which I love, so it’s not often now that I don’t feel like running at all.  It becomes habitual after a while, a case of not if I run today, but when am I running today.


  • Q) Has it made you a better runner?
  • A) I definitely got quicker and stronger and better over longer distances when I started doing this.  The gains are diminishing now though and it wouldn’t work for everyone either, rest and recovery days are still a really good idea for all runners.


  • Q) Do you do any cross training?
  • A) One Swim a week, occasional Bike Ride – I don’t really do enough cross training


  • Q) What’s your total milage for the run streak?
  • A) 3487 Miles in two years (so an average of 4.77 Miles a day)


  • Q) Are you Crazy?
  • A) I prefer the term Dedicated or Determined 😉


  • Q) When will you stop/do you have a target in mind?
  • A) Initially I had no target, then I wanted to get a year, now I just want to see how long I can keep it going. If I get injured or am too ill to run then I will stop.  You should always remember to put your health first.


Well done Chris and have many more happy streaks



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