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July 09, 2018 by Martin Lawrence
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As we come to the end of the Beginners course and Need for Speed we thought we would update you on our plans.

We are now seeking feedback from the courses that just finished and plan to start new course after the summer. Beginners you should have had a link to for a survey from your course lead to complete

If you want to sign up for the beginners, then the best way is to register for our newsletter and then you will get information when available to book, this is likely to be early August, register at:

For Need for Speed we will also publish details of these for club members in the newsletter this is likely to be the second half of August when we will have information available.

If you are interested in being a run lead for any of these future courses please get in touch with us at the for the next set of courses you could work with one of the existing leads with the hope you could lead one after that, ie January 2019.

Or if you want to find out what run leading this course is like speak to Annette (beginners) or Katie (Need for Speed) or any of the current leads of the courses.

Finally, it is a big thank you to all the run leads that have run these course for the club – like everyone else in Redway Runners they do it for free to give something back to runing and Redway Runners