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Beginners Feedback

June 26, 2019 by Martin Lawrence
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Our last beginners groups graduated in March 2019, this is just some of the feedback from those that took part


Our next beginners groups will start in September 2019, if you want to take part then register for the club weekly mail, click here and details will be on our beginner page when available, click here

The whole course was fab. Everyone was very friendly and supportive. I went on holiday and thanks to emails was able to keep up with homework. Maybe some sessions at 7pm due to working commitments can make arriving 6.30 can be rushed. Overall thoroughly enjoyable. I will be back, but work gets in the way sometimes. 11hour shifts diminishing 8.30pm. May some late night runs only joking!!!!


I have been hugely impressed by Redway Runners – the organisation, the training, the camaraderie and support. Thank you for starting me off on my running journey!


The whole beginner’s course was amazing from start to finish


Absolutely fantastic team couldn’t ask for better!


No suggestions. Fully enjoyed the course. Excellent. Very encouraging proactive group. The testament was in the graduation park run 30th March. What a sea of happy faces & green. All team leads that I met from 3 groups were motivational, thanks for the journey. Also, thanks to the helpers who encouraged us and pushed us up demon hills!! Everyone’s a winner whatever their standard. Goals met. Thanks Annabel & team 87.


Nope everything was perfect Tom was an amazing leader


The course was fantastic. Tom was Fab, very encouraging and always kept us motivated to complete the session. to think i could not run for 1 min when i started and now i can complete the 5k in under 40 min. Great club well run and a credit to you all.


None, it’s brilliant!!! Thank you so much for the time and inspiration and giving me the motivation to get back to running!!!


Fantastic course can’t think of anything to make it better!


None, just wanted to say how great it’s been Thankyou


Not really the course is amazing value and the helpers etc are all so lovely it is a great club and I aim to start back again as now have a job in MK – yayyyy


No improvements. Course was wonderful, I really enjoyed it. I have now registered my whole family and we’ll be doing the next round of beginner courses


No, it was excellent. My injury stopped me carrying on


No, I thoroughly enjoyed the course not being able to run for a minute at the start, now running 6k without stopping


I thought everything ran like clockwork. I have no suggestions.


I really enjoyed the beginner course with Glenn. I found him to be incredibly supportive and helpful and my confidence grew week on week as a result. I never thought I would look forward to going for a run! I would recommend the course to anyone and felt proud to be a part of graduation last Saturday and how enthusiastic and encouraging the Redway Runners team have been. I can’t wait to join some step up runs now. No improvements needed. Thank you


Just keep doing what you’re doing! Fantastic club, everyone’s so friendly. So glad I did the course. Thank you


You guys are fantastic. Thank you


No, it was all very informative, fun and couldn’t have asked for anymore. Thanks to everyone who is involved.


The whole course has been FANTASTIC! I wouldn’t have changed a thing because you could not get better. The run leads Annette and Steve were THE BEST as were the helpers. PERFECT club!!! I will continue to run with this club for as long as my body will let me. This club has changed my life! Steph


No, I loved the sessions, the first time in my life I felt that finally I could get over the ‘I can’t run’ thing and actually started enjoying, unfortunately had an injury and couldn’t carry on. But I’m really hoping to join again once my toe is healed. Tom was really great instructor, very attentive and supportive. His emails were great and very encouraging. Even when I asked things personally about my injury etc, he was prompt to answer and very supportive, I was very gutted to not be able to continue and finish, but I’m hopeful to get back to it again


No Think it is brilliant. Glenn and the team were so inspiring and supportive.


No – I’ve loved it. I love that people were happy for me to bring my son along and encouraged him too (even though he’s better than all of us!) groups have been great- only thing now is that I’m gutted it’s over!! Hopefully the Facebook page stays open and people will post what runs they are attending so can still see them


None, I would have rated this as excellent if there were the option. Fantastic leads, helpers and runner.


Just keep up the fab job your already doing


None, the group and beginners’ course were simply amazing. The most supportive run leads I could’ve wished for who really believe in their group


Fab amazing fantastic! Lisa and Debs are truly brill. They motivated me, made us all laugh and made me feel so welcome. I feel like not only have i learnt to run but have become part of a hidden group of people who are so friendly. A big thank you too to all the helpers I don’t know everyone’s names yet but Steve, Colin, Annette and others. Also attended Glenn’s group for homework and thoroughly enjoyed it. Can’t wait to continue next week. Bring it on


Honestly thought the course was excellent, Lisa and Debs were hugely supportive and knowledgeable


Not really no. Very well planned and thought out course



Hope to start and ‘finish’ the next course this time. Quite liked the smaller groups at the beginning as quite a large group altogether. Very supportive group leaders.


No improvements needed, it’s a fantastic and supportive group of people


Annabel was fantastic as a group leader and would only recommend that on weeks she isn’t there if someone more senior is taking over that they slow down. There was one week where we were pushed beyond many people’s capability and I think lost a few members then. Generally, thought the group was amazing and kudos to all the volunteers


Thanks to Steve and Annette for a superb course, their enthusiasm and energy. Magic!


I found out that you have beginners’ courses only from nagging from friends, and I’ve known about the runners for at least 4 years. It needs to be better placed or more easily accessible on the website for that initial leap of faith to be made a bit easier


Absolutely fantastic running club. Really impress