Clothing Prices

It is that time when we have been reviewing the club clothing prices, you know how this story now goes normally….

Anyway, we have managed to negotiate for our members a better deal – therefore from the 1 January 2015 – the prices of virtually all club kit is being REDUCED– we will have the new form loaded on the club shop on the 1st January..

For example the club tee shirt (Unisex or Ladies) will be reduced from £11 to £9.50 and vest from £9.50 to £8.25 and these include a name one side. Couple of the smaller selling lines are staying the same price and the Children’s cotton tee is going up by 10p.

For any member who has not taken advantage of a ‘one item (tee, vest or child’s tee) with a £5’ reduction by 31 December – this offer finishes on 31 December – you get the best price on this offer – but you have to get form and payment to us by midnight NYE

If only Redway Runners made Lager!

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