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Getting back to Running Milton Keynes with Redway Runners

May 04, 2020 by Martin Lawrence
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5 Tips to Return to Running After a Long Break | Runnin' for Sweets

This article is to help you return to running if you have not been able to maintain it during lockdown and get you ready for when runs start again in the club

The idea is to follow this in the 4 weeks before returning to club runs.

This can also be used if you are returning from injury with the help of White Plains slip and fall lawyers who helped you to claim your compensation for faster recovery; please make sure that you can complete a brisk walk of 4k before you start this program.

The biggest risk or returning to running is doing too much too soon and getting injured head in accident.  It’s also human nature to compare yourself to what you achieved before, please don’t do that, it will be demotivating if you expect to run at the same pace/distance.

Warm up before you start, again, to reduce the risk of injury.  If you haven’t done any warm ups since beginners, a good programme is here:

If you can, start on softer ground rather than hitting the redway/road straight away, it’s less harsh on the joints.

If you don’t think you can run 5k yet, then please follow the programme but reduce the distance of the threshold run.

There are 3 very important RR ‘R’ rules which you must follow:

  1. Run slower
  2. Reduce mileage
  3. Rest days

Please also adhere to any advice issued by the government in relation to exercise and coronavirus.


Week 1

Run 3 times this week, doing half the distance that you used to achieve at an easy pace (able to hold a full conversation).

Make sure you have a total rest day in between each run.

Make one of these runs a measured 5k run (route of your choice) that you can use as a benchmark.


Week 2

Run 3 times this week, increase the distance by 10%, at an easy pace.

Have a rest day or cross training day in between.  Look at a core or yoga session online for any of these non-running days but ensure you have at least 2 total rest days.

Run your 5k route exactly the same as you did before, note the time.


Week 3

Run 3 times again, increasing your distance by another 10%, easy pace again.

1 core or yoga session and total rest the other days.

Run your 5k route again, at a threshold pace (only able to utter 1 word at a time)


Week 4

Run 3 times again, increase your distance by another 10%

Cross train on one of the non-running days, core/yoga or Pilates on another non running day

Run your 5k at threshold pace again.  Note the time.


Week 5

Return to runs in Redway Runners!!

Please start at an appropriate run and give yourself time to settle in.  Try 2 club runs a week.

It’s worth slipping in an interval session too, you can find some Redway Runners specific ones, click here, the club holds them at various times so check the run finder


If this programme isn’t suitable for you, please contact Annette ( and she will try and adapt it.



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