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Important RR- EGM

August 14, 2014 by redwayrunners

At the clubs last AGM, a proposal was made by a club member to change the clubs name to ‘Redway Runners’ it was agreed at the meeting that this would be investigated to see the amount of work required and any significant issues as well as giving the club the opportunity to brief key stakeholders (ie David Lloyd, UKA).

This work has now taken place and the committee feel this would be a beneficial change for the club and open up in the longer term some new opportunities, this does require a change to the clubs constitution and to do this we have to hold a meeting which all paid members of the club have the opportunity to attend and vote on the change, for this we have to provide at least 21 day notice.

This meeting will be held upstairs at David Lloyd on Tuesday 23 September at 19:00.

If the proposal is agreed, then the expected timetable is that the clubs name would change from the 1 November 2014.

The committee have agreed that if the change does go through, then we would like to contribute to members who wanted to purchase new club kit and from a date of the meeting to be confirmed to the 31 December 2014, then the club would offer each paid member the opportunity to purchase one club running top, (ie tee shirt, ladies running tee, vest or children’s tee) for a reduction of £5 off the normal price .