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Shuttle Runs, Intervals session

April 13, 2020 by Martin Lawrence
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Annette who is a Redway Runners coach and leads the beginners courses for the club and the Thursday evening 6pm intervals session for the club has put this intervals session together


See the source image

To complete this session, you will need to either mark a straight piece of redway or grass with something at 10m, 20m and 30m.  You could instead use a piece of redway with lamp posts and use 1 lamppost, 2 lampposts and 3 lampposts as your guide and adapt the session.

The aim of this session is to work on the most efficient position for arm movement during a run which will aid hill and speed work.

Warm up

Toe walks for 30 seconds, heel walks for 30 seconds

Lunge walks for 60 seconds

Stand upright and swing one leg forwards and backwards for 30 seconds, repeat on other side

March on the spot for 1 minute, pick the knees up, use the ‘running arm’ swing (90 degrees, pocket to socket)

Side skips for 1 minute

Drills – all for 1 minute with 30 seconds rest in between

Sit down with legs out in front, perform the single arm swings on one side (90 degree bend at the elbow, swing from hip pocket to arm socket level) on one side, then repeat with the other arm. Are both arms doing the same movement?  Then repeat but using both arms in a running style.

High knees marching, use a tall posture and drive the foot down, use running arms

Repeat with high knees jogging and try and maintain the correct form

High bounds with swinging as opposed to running arms


Using the markers you’ve selected, run to the 10m mark and back, then to the 20m mark and back then to the 30m mark and back.  Pace should be faster than your best 5k speed.

Rest for 1 minute.

Repeat the above 2 more times

Then repeat once using giant strides, then high skips

One more repeat at a slower pace.

Cool down

Can you remember these?  We used to do it in beginners then we magically didn’t need it any more – but with this type of workout you need to stretch those muscles.  All stretches to be held for 20 seconds

Pretend you are hugging a barrel to stretch out the back

Assume the handcuff position, hands clasped behind your back, to stretch the chest out

Stand tall and reach for the sky!

Stand tall, lean to the left (keep a straight back), then to the right

Step forward and sink down, you should feel the stretch in the back of your calf, change forward leg

Step forward and sit back as if you’re going to sit on a chair, you should feel the stretch down the back of your hamstring, repeat on other leg

Give yourself a huge round of applause for keeping active.

If anyone needs any demonstrations, then please let Annette know and can find photos or provide them.

Also let her know if you try this and what you think, this is a typical 6pm intervals Thursday session so when we’re back come along and give us a try….