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My journey in 362 days

April 25, 2018 by Martin Lawrence
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This is Nicola Murrs story with Redway Runners to the London Marathon, well done Nicola

At the end of April last year I started Martin’s Beginners group along with 30-50 other people, when I was asked my reasons for joining it was to get fit and maybe run a 10K! I really enjoyed the beginners 10 weeks and was inspired by Martin and Sophie and pushed by Becca and Karen within the beginners group. By the end of the 10 weeks I found i was running up to 5 miles and really enjoying it, on my own I had only ever ran up to 4K and found it very difficult. Becca and I signed up to Women’s Running 10K the day after the graduation 5K and Sophie got us both round the course in 1.08. I remember desperately wanting sub 1hr 10 and would stop at nothing until i got there!


From there i found myself running regularly through the summer and entering more 10K races until Karen suggested Rockingham 10 miles in November. Again Sophie was there to guide us and i remember the joy of completing it. As Leigh says i am the most hyper person post-race and no one can wipe the smile off my face!


Following that I was lucky to put my name in for a sponsorship place for the London Marathon 2018 and to be honest I was going to take it one week at a time. I had a plan and I followed the plan (Sian I listened!) week by week. Training for a marathon isn’t easy, but if it was many more would have a medal! The training through the wet, snow, -1 weather is really tough but if you want something enough and put in the hours you can get it. I was determined to make it and planned in lots of races in my training as check in points as I always perform better in races.


I ran on Sunday in the hottest weather the London Marathon has seen. I didn’t get my target time I was 17 minutes off but I followed the instructions and ran through the showers and took water when it was on offer. I was lucky to finish and very much looking forward to the next one If someone said to me when I joined the beginners group I would run a marathon I would tell them they were joking, but it was a privilege to run through London with 40,000 others. My PB for a marathon is now 5hrs 17 mins and a time on the board!


However, it wouldn’t have happened without joining Redway runners and the support and messages I received pre and post race were so encouraging I was totally overwhelmed. To hear people tracked me on the app and vividly watched as I came across the line is amazing. Thank you to Martin P and Sophie who have encouraged me in beginners from the start and Becca and Karen who kept me pushing through the weeks of beginners. From help and encouragement from Siân Marie stick to my training plan.

Thank you to Simon, Daria Janet Kathryn, Stephen, Sadie Angela, Steve, Sue, Leigh and to Alistair running the whole 9 miles of my long run with me on a Sunday as I was having a bad day. To everyone at Redway Runners club (anyone I’ve forgotten) who have looked after me since I started less than a year ago.


I also kept a blog of the honest ups and downs of my training and raised money for Mind – for mental health.


Now onto planning my next Marathon (there was never any doubt this was always the start!) and to get stronger and quicker!