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June 23, 2020 by Martin Lawrence
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We told you previously, through our membership system (LoveAdmin), we have been using GoCardless to collect payments from you. GoCardless are increasing their fees so to keep costs low, LoveAdmin have integrated a new payment provider – London & Zurich.

What does this mean for me?
In short, very little. Your direct debits will automatically move from GoCardless to London & Zurich without you needing to take action.

You may receive notification from your bank and you will receive two emails from London & Zurich.
When we collect payments in the future, you will see London & Zurich on your bank statement.

Additionally, until the 30 June 2020, the Activation date we cannot collect payments via Love Admin so if you need to make a payment in the instances below, but we have a short term solution

If you have not renewed then you can make the payment direct to the club bank account (either £5 or £21.45, if you have EA), then mail us so we can update your record as paid, you can still sign in to your Redway Runners Love Admin account and update your information

New Membership
Please mail us

MK24 Virtual run Experience
You can enter the event, but will not be able to continue from the payments page. Once you have done that the payment will be outstanding, please make payment to the club bank account and send us a email to confirm

Anything else just mail us at:

Bank Details
Redway Runners Bank account

  • Sort code 301553 (Lloyds Bank)
  • Number 42390360
  • Name; Redway Runners

Club store is not affected by this change and is open for on-line orders