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Redway Runners – Beat the Clock Handicap run March 2021 Event

February 20, 2021 by Martin Lawrence
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Results Event 2 which was between 6 and 14 March 2021


We have our second Beat the Clock Handicap run for you between 6 and 14 March 2021 inclusive.

During this time you have to run 4.4 miles, after you have registered, ideally you could use the club Handicap run route which starts outside David Lloyd entrance on Livingstone Drive or you can run any route that gives to this distance.

You will find the route below and on the Redway Runners RunGo app at:

We also have a second rourte for the West Milton Keynes starting at Shenley Wood at:

The Willen route is also a segment on Strava, called ‘Handicap run – Redway Runners 4.4 miles’

However, it is not all about fastest time!! We also want you to beat the clock, more will be explained to those that take part

So to take part drop us a mail to with your name and either your expected time for 4.40 miles or a recent 5K time or your minute mile pace, or if you took part in event 1 in February 2021, just mail us and we have your info, we will then mail you the instructions to take part for the event, including your start time (do not worry it will all make sense)

Please make sure when taking part you follow all the guidance and that if you enter your result will be published on the ‘Redway Runners – Beat the Clock Handicap run’ Leader board

It is all a bit of fun

Original Willen route:

Shenley Wood Route:

Event 1 – February 2021

Was from Saturday 6 February to close Sunday 14 February 2021 to see results click here