Redway Runners Festival of Running

Race brief & timings
Not long till the third Redway Runners festival of Running at Caldecotte lake, if not running come along and support the runners, it is really appreciated as we run round that lake.

Saturday 9 June 2018

  • 8.15 Marathon numbers from Andy Collins
  • 8.50 Race brief / walk to the start
  • 9.00 Race start – reverse Anti – clockwise route
  • 11.00 5km numbers from Gemma Baker
  • 11.25 Race brief / walk to the start
  • 11.30 Race start – Anti – Clockwise
  • 2.00 Half numbers from Sarah Evans
  • 2.20 Race brief / walk to the start
  • 2.30 Race start – Clockwise

Sunday 10 June 2018

  • 8.30 10km numbers from Andy Collins
  • 8.50 Race brief / walk to the start
  • 9.00 Race start – Clockwise
  • 10.00 Half numbers from Sarah Evans
  • 10.20 Race brief / walk to the start
  • 10.30 Race start – Clockwise
  • 1.30 – 2pm – BAR !!!

The course will be marked on the ground with flour – as a basic rule of thumb you take the trail closest to the lake – all routes are downloadable from the website & the link is at the bottom of this post for you.

Water will be provided every 3.55 miles (one per lap) is 500ml screw top bottles along with a few snacks, bags can be left at the back of the aid station gazebo at your own risk.

All race numbers must be worn on the front of your clothing & visible so we can record your completed laps & times.

Bins will be provided in 2 locations just beyond the aid station & under the dual carriageway bridge half way round each lap.

We are guest of MK parks trust be aware we are not the sole users of the park – please be aware of dog walkers, anglers, cyclists etc… there is a dog walking event 10 – 11.30 on Saturday so marathon runners need to be especially aware.

The current weekend forecast includes rain (at what time of day I don’t know & things can change on the next 5 days) be prepared.

Toilets are located within the pub to the left of the front doors & there is a large free car park, although car sharing is still encouraged.

Team Enigma look forward to welcoming you all at the weekend.

Number Transfers
Anyone wishing to transfer places you have until 8pm today (7 June) as that’s when will be doing the lap sheets to do so & this must be done by email – there will be no transfers on the day. Email –

Foxy @enigmarunning