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Redway Runners Treasure Hunt run

June 07, 2018 by Martin Lawrence
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Thank you to all those who took part in Sunday 3 June 2018 Treasure Hunt from Howe Park Wood. 178 runners in 53 teams hunted down the clues with some very funny ‘selfies’.

Huge thanks to Steve’s team of helpers, Sophie Martin, Rob Thorne, Helen Blucher-Altona, Carol Downs, Brenda Scott who were out since the crack of dawn setting up, Terry Downs who looked after you all out on the course and Becky who was on hand to take a number of photo’s.

The event was free to enter, but many donated to ‘The Henry Allen Trust’ who are the ‘Club Charity of the Year’ and Hawwa a club member and volunteer for the charity proudly presented your medals. You raised a fantastic £262.12 on the day

Although it was a fun event, it was timed and the winning team of Simon Navin, Dawn Navin and Jenny Moorhouse completed the course in an astonishing time of 44 minutes.

The full results are listed below

  1. Simon Navin Dawn Navin Jenny Moorhouse 0:44:00
  2. Martin Lawrence MGB/Julie Martin Rich Doherty Sarah Lawrence 0:55:24
  3. Nicky Ford Andy Collins Dave Whiteley 0:57:10
  4. Nikki Fidler Gary Fiddler Dan Hand 0:59:50
  5. Karen Tyler Paul MacLoskey Neville Rowles 1:00:21
  6. Lucy Gross Portia Simond Nicola Quilter 1:03:49
  7. Hannah Connelly Helen Carter Angela Norris 1:04:14
  8. Karen Atkins Sophie Atkins Phil Atkins Lauren Atkins 1:06:17
  9. Rachel Dean-Corke Sharon Dean-Corke Stephen Dean-Corke 1:07:13
  10. Sandra Brown Stéphane Carpenter Paul Whitehead Cheryl Hobbs 1:07:54
  11. Caroline Beechey Steve Beechey Laura Davis 1:08:12
  12. Karen Place Sue Flynn Tracey Blackmore Karen Cobbett 1:09:22
  13. Janet Maidment Pet Hedges Paul Jones 1:09:36
  14. Martin Janes Eoin Tweeddale Mervin Stuckey 1:09:46
  15. Nicky Hierons Kevin Tilley Tom Gill Michaela Boobier 1:10:18
  16. Mark Madges Sam Greenwood Michael Devonald 1:10:47
  17. Steph Martin Helen Whalley Louise Diaz 1:11:02
  18. Zaid Alani Niam Hani Suzy Patmore 1:11:05
  19. Claire Wilson Lisa Hickman Erin Morley-Smith Kirsty Outtram 1:13:40
  20. Claire Carter Hayley Keveren Cherie Mason Erin Freeman 1:14:35
  21. Liz Tribe Robert Tribe Ian Brazier Dave Lawford 1:16:23
  22. Steve Boothby Julie Bousfield Sarah Vizor 1:17:22
  23. Juilet Thompson Candice Ogden Helen Brown 1:17:32
  24. Sam Downton Martin Downton Suzie Hall 1:20:00
  25. Katie Tucker Sally Green Sue Boothby Sam Glaister 1:21:34
  26. Gail Bamforth Louise Townend Matthew Clark 1:22:30
  27. Meer Vyas Sparks Claire Dartnell Thompson Matthew Sharpe Roberta Sharpe 1:23:35
  28. Daria Crocker Daisey Crocker John Morle 1:24:13
  29. Kelly Parsons Julie Cheah Nicola Brandom 1:24:35
  30. Kayleigh Hawkins Louise Page Emma Evans Kate Crilly 1:25:23
  31. Tao Schencks Esther Schencks Sally Reed 1:25:35
  32. Suzanne Sharp Denise Farmer Angela Irving Lorraine Homans 1:26:08
  33. Dan Morley Karen Morley Sophie Phoenix 1:26:35
  34. Ian Pennicott Paul Mayer Ali Rutherford Nathan Rutherford 1:26:40
  35. Tracey Beesley Genevieve Lovelock Katheryn Dennis Emily Haig 1:26:50
  36. Shaun McBrearty Joel McBrearty Adam Sharman 1:27:10
  37. James Taylor Helen Dixon Ana Chaplin Damian Best 1:28:08
  38. Karen Lawrence Leigh Steere Nigel Sheppard Jane Parsons 1:29:30
  39. Andrew Baldwin Glenn Dickinson Debbie Dickinson 1:29:56
  40. Jo Fewings Sarah Hill James Carr 1:30:35
  41. Pauline Valentine Dean Valentine Leigh Clanfield Paxton 1:32:14
  42. Peter Galvin Lottey Gates Katie Wall 1:33:21
  43. Kate Sheard Janice Scadden Rachel Gaines Sophie Burgess 1:41:00
  44. Theresa Randall Eric Randall Celestina 1:41:05
  45. Layla Currie Lynda Murray Tracey Nutall 1:41:43
  46. Glynis Wiles Sarah Woodruff Joanne Obee 1:44:40
  47. Julie Keveren Sharon Miller Sheila McBrearty 1:50:14
  48. Sam Devonald Amanda Tweeddale Kathy Alderman 1:51:30
  49. Warren Vane Caroline Jardine Sheena Lathwell 1:52:00
  50. Darcy Scott-Hindmarch Kerry O’Neil 1:54:03
  51. Penny Smart Mandy Bolan Beth Davenish 2:01:12
  52. Jacqui Mills Sarah Mills Lilian Harris 2:09:00
  53. Annette Kraft Vicky Hodges Lyn Fairweather 2:09:00