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Redway Runners membership fees 2022/2023

October 13, 2021 by Martin Lawrence
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We have had confirmation of the England Athletics (EA) fees for next year, from 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023 and details are below.

Therefore your committee have agreed the fees for Redway Runners for next year again keeping the standard membership fee FOR A YEAR at just £5, the same as it was when the club launched in 2011

Next year’s fees will be:

  • £5 for Standard membership
  • £5 for Standard membership with Redway Runners being your second claim EA club
  • £21.50 Standard membership with first claim England Athletics affiliation
  • £16.50 to add England Athletics to a standard membership

For info the extra 50p on the first claim membership, is the cost to the club to collect your EA part of the Fee
These fees will apply to new members from mid December and then membership will last to 31 March 2023
Members will receive renewal requests in mid-March 2022.
The club body affiliation (£150) is paid by the club


Effective from 1 April 2022


The affiliation and registration fees for 2022/23 will be as follows:

  • Club and member body affiliation fee will remain at £150 per club/member body.
  • Athlete registration fee will increase to £16 per person. Following the decision to not increase the athlete registration fee from £15 to £16 in 2020 as planned and to keep it fixed in 2021/22 as well, through consultation with the Regional Councils we feel that after a period of five years without change, a small increase in 2022/23 is appropriate to help us to maximise investment back into the sport to support competition, clubs, coaches, officials and talented athletes.
  • Club, member body affiliation and athlete registration fees will be payable from April 1st onwards with all clubs required to affiliate by 30 April with the athlete registration cut-off date, for those existing (2021-22) England Athletics registered athletes being 30 June. Should clubs wish to pay their athlete registration fees on 1 April or soon after as they would ordinarily do then that is absolutely fine.
  • Club athletes and runners that were not registered with England Athletics during 2021/22 would need to register before their first competition.
  • As has been the case since 2020 our club and athlete affiliation packs will be available digitally in the myAthletics portal.