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Redway Runners RunGo on run routes

July 31, 2020 by Martin Lawrence
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Redway Runners are now a group on the RunGo app, download the App and search in groups for Redway Runners and join it, Run Go provides routes with voice navigation (imagine a sat nav for running) you may be familiar with it if you have been doing the Big Cow 6 pack marathon

We already have a number of routes included with all eight Milton Keynes Boundary run routes, the Hanslope Circular run (more on that soon), plus some nice routes local to Milton Keynes area.

Have you ever fancied running the 5am run with Jen (if 5am does not put you off then 9 miles at 8 minute mile pace on a gentle day including Brickhill hill might) well the route if included for you to have a go at your own time and own pace

We will be adding routes that add value as we develop this opportunity, you can find us at:

About RunGo:
RunGo is the #1 running app for discovering the best routes in the world with turn-by-turn voice navigation. Build your own route, or select one of the 400,000 routes or verified routes worldwide, and follow a voice-guided tour, including every time there’s a turn or a cool landmark, or an encouraging reminder that you’re halfway there.
RunGo also tracks your run stats like time, pace, distance, elevation, and estimated finish time.
We proudly include no ads in the app, and a paid premium upgrade is available for additional features.