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Run to Remember

October 04, 2021 by Martin Lawrence
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Redway Runners have a memorial bench at the new remembrance walk at Newlands, the plaque says:

For those that will not run with us anymore, you will always be running amongst us
Redway Runners

To mark the bench now being in place we are holding a ‘Run to Remember’ on Sunday 24 October at 2.30pm and everyone is welcome.

The plan is for the first part, we will remember  those that will not run with us anymore and Redway Runners Pastor Richard Wardman will lead the proceedings that will include some words from Richard, readings and possibly some words of celebration of runners no longer running with us, this we expect this will last between 15 to 30 minutes

Following this we will have a ‘run to remember’ and those not with us but can run amongst us, for this, which is of course optional, we will follow the MK parkrun route, and everyone who takes part can run at own pace and remember and celebrate those not with us, you can run as much or little of the route as you wish to
If you would like to do a reading or say a few words about someone then please let me know by mailing Martin at

More info on the bench at:

Dress code, as you want but nice to see a plenty of green.