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Special Redway Runners open evening

February 14, 2022 by Martin Lawrence
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In partnership with the Decathlon Store in Milton Keynes we are having a special open evening for Redway Runners members.

The store will only be open for us on Monday evening 28 February 2022 from 8pm to 9pm and during this time you will be ble to get an extra 10% off prices (T&Cs apply) for Redway Runners members

Josh from the running department and other staff will be available to answer any questions

We will also have run leads on the night so you can ask questions about the club, we will bring along samples of club kit that can be tried on before ordering

Decathlon have a wide selection of sports equipment including lots of running items in a range of prices.

This will be a great opportunity to shop especially for our beginners groups and those new to running

Run and Shop

We have sorted it so you can get to a Redway Runners Run AND make it to our open evening at Decathlon.

Yes, we are holding a run leaving from outside the Milton Keynes Decathlon store at 19.30pm, so you will be back for about 20.15 – 20.30. The run will be suitable for all paces

The open evening is open 20.00 – 21.00 and Redway Runners members get a great 10% discount (T&Cs apply)

This does mean that there will be no social 18.15pm run on Monday 28 February for one week only.


Win RunFestRun tickets

We are pleased to announce that the club have a pair of ‘Weekend Camping Tickets’ (worth £310) to give away FREE, for RunFestRun, which is taking place from 20th – 22nd May 2022 at Englefield House, Reading.

“This is the third year running, RunFestRun was founded by Chris Evans, who as a keen runner himself, found there was a missed opportunity to give runners a chance to run first, and party later ….
RunFestRun is dedicated to creating a unique space in which runners can enjoy three glorious days with a mix of short and long runs, relay races and our legendary Bug Run. Guests can meet and greet their favourite sports stars, and compete for the title of champion! Not only that, but there is a bumper packed itinerary of guests talks, workshops and workout sessions, a shopping village for runners to get all their essential items, A-Lister talent and more!’

A bit like our own MK24 taking place on 25th & 26th June 2022, you can enjoy a weekend of running.

To enter and have a chance of winning these fantastic tickets, you will need to do one of two things.

Either have entered, or enter into our own MK24 weekend ( before 13th March 2022 or attend the Decathlon open evening on Monday 28th February 2022.

  • All Redway Runners who have entered the MK24 will automatically be entered into the draw, so if you want to be included, then you must enter the event as a Redway Runners member before 13th March, so don’t delay, book your place now at


  • Attend our Decathlon Open evening, Central Retail Park, Patriot Drive, Rooksley MK13 8PU, on Monday 28th February 2022 between 8pm – 9pm and simply enter the draw.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Decathlon to see what they have to offer runners, or take part in our own fantastic 24 hour running event MK24 (more details at to stand a chance of winning these great tickets.

But, if you are unsuccessful then remember we have a 10% discount in the ‘discounts’ section of the club newsletter.


Open Evening get the book

Also at the Redway Runners open evening, you will be able to grab a copy of the Redway Runners book, the first 10 years for a special price of just £5 from the Redway Runners table in store

We can take card, cash or cheque, payable to ‘Redway Runners’



Looking forward to our Decathlon Open evening on Monday just for Redway Runners members (family welcome) from 8pm to 9pm, we have had a few questions so thought we would try to answer
** Is parking free?
It is free for up to 3 hours.
** What are the restrictions on the 10% discount?
They will not accept discounts on items already on sale or buying gift vouchers.
** Can customers use their gift cards after the discount is applied?
** What items of Performance kit is available and how much is it?
We have currently:
Ladies Tee shirt at £27.17
• Size 8 = 3 items
• Size 10 = 4 items
Ladies Vest at £21.61
• Size 18 = 1 item
Can pay cash, card or cheque payable to ‘Redway Runners’ from the Redway Runners table
** How does the try the club kit before you buy work?
We have a selection of unisex tees (sizing of the unisex vests is the same) and ladies’ tees in non Redway Runners club green you can check out for size, then once decide on the best size go to the club website to order later. They take about 3 weeks to be posted to you from ordering.
** What other items does the club have for sale?
On the night we will have the club book at a special price of just £5 and race number magnets at £7.99
Can pay cash, card or cheque payable to ‘Redway Runners’ at the Redway Runners table
** Will the run from Decathlon be suitable for me?
The run is leaving outside Decathlon at 7.30pm and led by Simon and Luke, it will be suitable for all paces, they will do loop backs to keep the group together.
** I cannot make it at 8pm and will be a little later does it matter?
No come anytime between 8pm and 9pm
Any other questions come along on the night and ask the Redway Runners team we will have or on the store items the members of Decathlon staff


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