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Thanks for getting me back into running

September 04, 2015 by Kevin Orchard
Redway Runner Stories

25 July 2015 Z2H and Beginners Gradyuation MK parkrun

Here is another good news story for the Redway Runners.

Hi Martin

Thank you to you and the team for getting me back into running, it’s been many years since I pounded the pavements and I have to say I haven’t had such fun in a long while.


I know that I am fatter , slower and not quite as focussed as I was in my teens but the sheer spirit of the redway runners is absolutely amazing. I am going to miss my first Sunday run for three weeks tomorrow and I am totally gutted !!! Unfortunately a family engagement is taking me away.


I was always fearful that I wouldn’t achieve the heights of my youth and that I would turn up to a running club where I would be left behind bringing up the rear, but the way that I have been welcomed to the fold has been fantastic. There is a truly amazing spirit in the group and it can be described in one word ‘inclusive’ , it doesn’t matter who you are, where you are from or how fast you can run, the redway runners are for you.


I have done the social on Monday, the Sunday special, the Thursday handicap and Jonathan’s special hills and they were all fantastic and catered for all abilities. And to top it all I made the mistake of attending Macs core fitness which ensured that I was stiff and sore for at least two days


Thank you and well done and long may it continue. In the word of Mr timberlake ‘I’m lovin it’