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May 18, 2020 by Martin Lawrence
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As a club, we are working behind the scenes to restart as soon as we can and we have a small working group to drive this forward, but you will understand that there are several challenges we will have to overcome to ensure your safety going forward. There will be no club runs at least until the start of June 2020 and that will very depend on official guidance (including Government and England Athletics) plus things that we will want to include for everyone’s safety.
We are keen to maintain the reputation of the club within the wider community. But we are dusting things off and starting to make plans for what we think will be a safe approach to get the club active again, this will include a phased approach to getting things up and running.
Then, within that, how we can maintain social distancing both the official requirements and the requirements that we in the club want to introduce, plus we will want to manage the numbers of runners both meeting for runs and on runs, but we are making plans and putting things in place.
For a number of people who perhaps have not done so much running recently might want to have a look at the training plan we now have on the club website ( for returning to club runs developed for us by Annett Smyth, to start to get you ready for club runs.
In the meantime remember in our podcast collection we have several runs that you can try for something different, just find them on your podcast platform.
Then once we have our phase 1 plan ready we can start to think of the next phases, like future beginners’ groups and new courses starting, plus of course relaxing any restrictions we put in place
Anyway, as we know more and our plans develop we will keep you informed.
We want to get our club back, please support us as we prepare; we want to be running Milton Keynes
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