Club London Marathon Ballot


Have a rejection slip for the appropriate London Marathon

Must be a full paid up member at the 30 June

Be 1st claim Redway Runner member and paid the England Athletics affiliation fee at 30 June and continue to be first claim member on the 31 October

If you were previously drawn in the club ballot, you are excluded from the draw for the next 3 years.

You will be expected to wear your Redway Runners club top or a charity top


Note you will pay the race entry fee and submit the race entry form

If you decide not to run prior to paying the race entry fee then the place will be returned to the club committee. If you decide not to run after paying the race entry fee then existing London Marathon rules apply. Under no circumstances can you pass the entry to anyone else.


These rules, agreed by the committee, will only be changed at a club committee meeting Entries for the ballot must be with the secretary by 31 October

Keep the outer wrapper/rejection letter that shows your name and address and pass this to – Denise Browning or Martin Lawrence

If you have a rejection mail send this to Denise Browning,( also the club at ( and Nigel Sheppard (

The ballot will be drawn at an open meeting / event / club run and drawn by someone independent