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Furzton Relay 2021

July 04, 2021 by Martin Lawrence
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Fab afternoon at Furzton Relay with the full 50 teams taking part on Saturday 3 July 2021
Final results click here (opens in excel)
Massive thank you to Sheryl and her team of organisers and helpers today for putting on a great event.
The winners where
  • Fastest Male – Lewis McBride 13 mins 49 secs
  • Fastest Female – Wendy Clark 16 mins 20 secs
  • Fastest Team (male) Team Move (team 24)
  • Fastest Team (female) – Alice and the Wonderladies (team 23)
  • Fastest Team (mixed) – GSSR, Great Super Sonic Runners (team 22)
  • Fastest Team (junior) Dream Team (team 48)

But it is not about winning well done to all that took part.

Sheryl the Race Director said ‘For those who came to run, to spectate, to give their time freely, the Furzton Relay of 2021 was a huge success because of you. Thank you sincerely for the part you played in making our day such a resounding event.

Special thanks go to the people who gave and kept giving their time and their smiles – literally, if it wasn’t for these absolute beauts, it could not have happened. Thank you: Bruce Arnold (you never volunteered but you helped with batons, labels, drilling, freely supplying your car and trailer, loading, unloading, putting the event together and then taking it apart and unloading into storage today); Sam Greenwood (key organiser, photographer, carrier and storer extraordinaire); Eoin Tweeddale (key organiser & purveyor of fish & chips); Stephen Scott; (awesome supporter, laminator and holder of all knowledge); Annette Smyth (Committee Goddess and Volunteer Coordinator); Lottey Gates (Supporter, Kindness giver and reader of Risk Assessment); Dom (The Deity) Kingsman (what an absolute God you are, picked up things, delivered things, sorted the timing – the list goes on); Will (timing / technology Hero); David Argent (timing & ubiquitous coordinator); Nathan (the voice) Rutherford (hilarious compère, singer, Diva); Pete Galvin (ubiquitous supporter and compere at the drop of a hat); Simon Navin (lead / tail biker and supporter); Doug Yabsley (Junior teams coordinator); David Huck (EA adjudicator with kindest support and suggestions); Debbie Dickinson and her fabulous team of helpers (charity cake stall coordinator and so so much more); Chris Kingsman (charity coordinator, arranger of deliveries and key supporter); Gareth Snelson (defib lender); Kathryn Dunham (first aider at Race HQ); Robert Whalley (first aider on course, spare marshal, ubiquitous supporter)

The Marshals were brilliant, and, yet again, we give our heartfelt thanks for their time and energy: Sue Waugh; Helen Woodman; Daria Croker; Sue Boothby; Jane Spencer; Maria Chalk; Cedric Brasey; Sarah Brasey; David Rose; Pauline Valentine; Peter Rodwell; Nic Burke; Jan Howard; Bob Austin; Stephen Dunham; Judith Camino; Leyla Currie; Rob Cox; Malcolm Kidby.

At the end of the day, countless people gave up their time to help unpack event shelters and reload them into Bruce’s trailer. If that was you, sincere thanks for all you’ve done to help. To say it’s appreciated, is an understatement of epic proportions.

Thanks to those people who supported us by booking a team, running, smiling and taking the time to thank marshals and volunteers. Thanks also to the spectators who respected the park users, cheered and clapped for everyone and created a celebratory atmosphere throughout.

You are all amazing. We are so thankful.’

Event page click here


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