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Milton Keynes, last year a wasted year?

March 10, 2021 by Martin Lawrence
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As we thought about if last year was a wasted year for Redway Runners, (to read this click here) we wondered if it had been a wasted year in Milton Keynes.

So Kevin and I took the Redway Runners club flag out for a half marathon distance run with the intention to find things that had appeared or are developing over the last year during COVID.

No doubt more we could have captured for a future run like the new rail bridge in Bletchley, but that will have to be for another run.

The Milton Keynes Rose, COVID 19 Pillar

Located at the top of Campbell Park replaced a fountain in 2014, developed by The Parks Trust and the Cenotaph Trust, with support from Milton Keynes Council, 106 granite pillars of varying height were mounted in positions to create the art piece. 68 pillars have been engraved with dedications, leaving 38 for future inscriptions. The COVID 19 Pillar was Engraved in May 2020 to commemorate the pandemic and particularly those who have lost their lives in Milton Keynes.

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Covid 19 Pillar
Starship robots NP

Starship Robots invade Newport Pagnell

The Starship Robots had already been spotted in many parts of Milton Keynes, but in June 2020 they landed in Newport Pagnell with autonomous robot deliveries from the Co-op, Wordsworth Avenue, Newport Pagnell, they have since expanded in Newport to Tickford End as well.

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E-Scooters come to Milton Keynes Legally

Middlesbrough launched  the first trial – days later two teenagers were caught by police riding the scooters illegally on a 70mph dual carriageway.

Britain’s first ‘full-scale’ trial of rental e-scooters launched in August 2020 in Milton Keynes.

We have access to 500 of Lime’s motorised vehicles to use on the road after the Government legalised e-scooter hire services.

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E Scooters
Willen Observation Wheel

Milton Keynes gets some WOW

The Willen Observation Wheel (WOW MK) started turning in September 2020, it stands 36 metres tall, has 24 gondolas which can sit up to six people at a time, meaning that the wheel can cater for up to 144 people when full. Each complete rotation of the wheel takes approximately 10 minutes

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Tim Hortons opens in Milton Keynes

In December 2020 Tim Hortons opened its first drive through in the South of England in Milton Keynes.

Tim Horton was a National Hockey League Legend and opened the first store in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in 1964

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Tim Hortons
Rememberance Walk

Run or Stroll along the Newlands Remembrance Walk

The route from the start of the Milton Keynes parkrun in Newlands became Remembrance walk, in January 2021 MK Parks Trust, Redway Runners member Ella Magwood helped to create the landscape layout.

The first phase saw 48 Lime trees (Tilia Cordata ‘Winter Orange’) planted, later it is intended that benches will be installed

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Third prong finally opens

For a long time runners have been able to use two of the sections of the new bridge at Campbell Wharf to run alongside the canal, but finally, the third prong that crosses the canal opened.

Allegedly, the bridge was described as being the most expensive in the world when the figure 35m was interpreted as 35 million pounds rather than the 35 metres of its length. The bridge weighs 60 tonnes – around the same as 10 adult African elephants.

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3 way bridge
Lidl Blakelands

Lidl comes to Blakelands or is it Newport Pagnell or Red House Park

February 2021 saw the opening of a new Lidl at Blakelands, this was the fifth Lidl in Milton Keynes and is right by the M1, it was built on a field used by  horses.

Lidl was first founded in Germany as a grocery wholesaler in the 1930s by a member of the Schwarz family. The first Lidl stores were opened in 1973. In 1994 they came to the UK.

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Campbell Wharf Marina

Many of the berths at Campbell Wharf marina are now open it can take 111 boats if full and can take wide beams, narrow boats and cruisers

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Barge bays
Hotel La Tour

Hotel La Tour

A multi-million-pound development of luxury accommodation, conference rooms, a gym and a rooftop bar and restaurant with views of Campbell Park, it will have 14 storeys and 261 bedrooms and is due to open in 2022.

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New Water Sports Centre

Phase two of the development at Willen Lake will involve the construction of a new building situated on the edge of the lake. The building will house a purpose-built water sports centre (which will also be home to wakeboarding activities and inflatable water course, Aqua Parcs) along with a new cafe and restaurant. The building will be fully accessible, with level access, lifts, accessible toilets and baby change facilities. There will also be an upgrade to the existing children’s play area.

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Water Sports Centre
Cascade Ponds

Great Linford Ponds

Work is going on at Great Linford Manor Park, especially at the ponds, these have been emptied, the debris removed and some of the trees, the walls are being rebuilt back to how it originally was with the footbridge and water flowing between the ponds, the work is being done between the Parks Trust and National Lottery Heritage Fund.

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Manor Park parking

Expanded car parking is being created at the Memorial Hall car park at Great Linford Manor park

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Memorial hall car park