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Redway Runners last year a wasted year?

February 27, 2021 by Martin Lawrence
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As we come to the end of another year for Redway Runners has it been a wasted year for the club, some people might think it has been a write off, but actually a lot has been going on through a difficult year and with a time to reflect on 2020/2021 you will feel we have still managed to achieve much.

  • Club runs even though for most of the year we have been in lockdown and any club runs we could operate we only had a maximum of 12 attending we still managed to hold 383 club runs with over 3,000 runners on those runs.
  • We held two new events with Daytona, both operating in a COVID secure environment
  • A new range of ‘Performance’ club kit was launched
  • Behind the scenes the club website had a re-design and we changed a provider of the payment collection
  • Many challenges have been offered to members, the Handicap run had a make over, the Lockdown 5K, Self Isolation event, Bingo run, 5 Lakes Virtual challenge, Strava Art competition
  • We held some virtual events with medals for MK24, Daytona and Run4Luv all offering virtual medals
  • We launched and have permanently available a virtual beginner’s course available
  • May not have been able to meet up for socials, but a series of Saturday night quizzes in lockdown and a Christmas special proved popular as well as a special Redway Runners Got Talent night.
  • Club won ‘Team of the Year’ award
  • The publication of the Redway Runners first book marking 10 years of the club


April 2020

Through most of the year we had various forms of Lockdown but the club year started in April 2020 and of course that means the formalities of the previous year have to be completed  so the accounts need to be audited and we held the AGM  for the first time by Zoom, this also is the time to select the club charity of the year  (which is MKAct for 2020/2021

April also saw another big change behind the scenes as we changed our collection provider with Love Admin to London and Zurich (was Go Cardless) this change saved the club (you) significant additional costs

During the month Lockdown continued and we had  ‘Results Base virtual challenge’, ‘Daily Challenges’, ‘FitMK virtual session’, ‘Redway Runners Got Talent’, ‘Podcast runs’, ‘MK Running map’ all for members to take part in

May 2020

We started planning a re-start for the club with a live run leads presentation of our ideas and plans, again behind the scenes a lot of work was done to set up process, systems and procedures

MK24 Virtual run experience launched

June 2020

We held a Green litter pick week

Club runs re-started with bookings, social distancing and a 6 max limit

Move payment collection from Go Cardless to London and Zurich

AGM by Zoom meeting

MK Act voted as club charity of the year

We paid Emily’s Star £7,455 (+£1,200 matched) our club charity of the year for 2019/2020

July 2020

First Performance kit launched with New Balance

New Redway Runners group set up on RunGo app for routes

Website, analytics added, security, and updates applied to

Increase groups to 12 on runs

Redway Runners Under 18s re-start

Discount with Sports Shoes established for members

Non renewals made non-active with the club

August 2020

Virtual 5 Lakes Challenge takes place

London marathon cancelled to 2021 -club coach booking moved

Launch Daytona 5000

September 2020

Our first Daytona 5000 event takes place meeting all the COVID requirements – 172 take part, Mayor visits

Bingo charity challenge launched

Beginners refresher sessions take place and graduation completed

Move up to Marathon group complete

New Balance first order arrives

Web site re-design and  re-fresh

October 2020

London Marathon virtual 58 Redway Runners take part

Under 18s return to track

Open Daytona 2 for entries, with 2-hour, sprint and Fun run added

Second Performance kit sales window

November 2020

Second Lockdown – runs cancelled and Daytona delayed

Redway Runners win MK Inspiration award – Team of the Year

Raffle tickets sold on-line

Daytona Virtual added to the event

December 2020

Club runs resumed 2 December

Redway Runners, First Ten years book goes on sale

December Redway Runners Advent Calendar on Facebook

Club remembers Mike Webber

Second Daytona event takes place – with Daytona 2 (hours), Sprint and Fun run added, also green Santa

Food Bank collection with MKFM at Daytona

Mayor runs Daytona – 119 take part

MK into tier 3 then tier 4, club runs stop, 19 December.

Christmas raffle online, with draw part of quiz (raised £1,200)

Review of the Year movie premiered

New Year’s Eve quiz with Glenn and Laura

January 2021

Redway Runners – 10 years birthday

Book arrives and distributed.

Virtual beginners’ group launched.

Launch Virtual Run4Luv

Un-collected club kit reviewed and mailed all with contact details – some distributed.

James Bond week

Bonus Ball for MK Marathon places

Love Admin review of Admins and data declaration agreements put in place

February 2021

Strava Art challenge

Redway Runners – Beat the Clock Handicap run 49 enter

Club Garmin Challenges set up.

Run4Luv Virtual event takes place

Club remembers Ian Davey

Bedford Auto-drome book draw

London Marathon ballot for possible club places

March 2021

Bonus ball for MK Marathon places

Second Redway Runners – Beat the Clock Handicap run

Roadmap for club restarting

MK24 merchandise launched.

Key dates page added to club website.

Performance kit on sale





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