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On the Run with Tracey Schembre

August 01, 2016 by Martin Lawrence
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We go on a run with Tracey Schembre, this is her story
Well turning 40 and then 6 months later losing your mum is enough to make you look at yourself?! When you don’t like what you see you have got to change! So thought I’d give Slimming World a go again. So the end of September it was.

By Christmas I had lost just over 2 and a half stone. Knowing losing weight was just one thing, I also had to get fit too. One cold Sunday morning on a rugby pitch I got speaking to Doug (both our boys play for the same rugby team).

Have you ever thought about running?! I just laughed, me run, only to the pub!

I’m sure you could, anyone can he said. So my brain started ticking, I’ve always looked at runners while driving along thinking, I wish I could do that! I’ve lost a few wobbly bits so maybe I could? That was it a few Facebook messages later I was signed up to Annette’s beginners course at the beginning of January, dragging my son and daughter for moral support!

OMG!! I couldn’t even run for a minute, how is this going to work?! But with Annette’s patience and Glenn from time to time. It was one week before our parkrun graduation and I hit -3 stone 10lbs at Slimming World only 12lb to go till I hit my target! If any of you have been on a weight loss journey, you know the last few pounds are the worst!

Graduation day come round, I did it, run 5k without stopping yippee!! 1 week later I started step up with Glenn on a Monday night and continued with the parkrun on Saturdays.

26th April was the date that I got my target weight, 4 and half stone gone in 33 weeks!! Last week we had a target members night at Slimming World, I had to get up and say my bit and take questions. Just before I finished one lady asked me, so how did you lose so much so quickly and loss all them inches (29 inches in total). Then it dawned on me Redway Runners! So by joining this great running family you have helped get me where I needed to be! Also helped my son become a lot fitter and make his rugby coaches very pleased! So thank you all for all your support, I love running in my green shirt and look forward to meeting more of you, as I try and keep going!

It was a team effortTracey Schembre July 2016

Much love Tracey