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Our Jen runs for England

October 08, 2017 by Martin Lawrence
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On Sunday 8 October Jen Sangster from the club had the honour of running for England at the Chester Marathon, we asked her how it went, it must have gone well as she has qualified to run for England again next year this is her report;

Jen groupI had the huge honour of qualifying to run for England today at the Chester marathon. I was nervous… very nervous, but I woke up to an amazing morning with the sun shining and met everyone for a huge England team photo at 7.30am – right in the middle of the paddocks at Chester racecourse with everyone in their red and white kit. Couldn’t stop smiling

It was lovely to see my family and so many people from the club there both running and supporting and I needed the hugs to calm me down but once the horn went, I was off and feeling good.

Jen runningWell, it was an interesting marathon. I went off too fast but I was feeling good so spur of the moment decision was to try something new and see how long I could keep the pace and hold it for. Not sure how good this was on a new course and when running for England but hey, that’s just me!

At half way I had a half marathon PB under my belt but by 18 miles I was starting to struggle. The rest of the run was just one foot in front of the other and trying to shake off the jelly legs. The thought of everyone’s support at the club and the messages I knew would be going on Facebook drive me on. The last 3 miles consisted of me chanting “come on Jen, come on Jen” over and over again and trying to stop my head dropping back and closing my eyes (what I do when I’m exhausted). I didn’t even acknowledge Tim and Gillian at 1.5 miles from the end and don’t quite know how I crossed the line on my feet. The last 500 metres was on energy sapping grass – jelly legs is a huge understatement!

But I did it – 3.03.09 – a 2 min PB and 5th in my age group!

Jen podium
Lessons learnt but every run is different and that’s what makes it such a special sport. You are constantly learning about yourself. Training the brain and believing in yourself is just as important as getting the miles in.

Bring on New York in 4 weeks time!
Well done Jen