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March 17, 2017 by Martin Lawrence
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For those considering joining a Redway Runner Beginners Course here a few testimonials from members who took part in previous courses:

Lottey Gates
I started running Jan 2016. 5k took 49 minutes. I set a goal to run the whole way, and to do it in under 40 minutes. I joined Redway Runners in Jan 2017, I was now running 5k in just under 43 minutes and could run the whole distance but still had not achieved my goal of under 40 mins. I was advised at my gym that if I was not achieving my goals I had to change something, luckily a beginners class was just starting so I signed up. 9 weeks into the course I tried 5k again and was down to 40:39 just 39 seconds off my goal- almost 2 minutes quicker than when I started AND I felt strong enough to run the route again 15 mins later for fun. Massive improvements, new friends, heaps more confidence. Running in a group is safer, more engaging, and more encouraging. Best decision I’ve made in 2017 so far !

Faye Muggeridge
Joining RR was one of the best things I have ever done. Getting older & overweight I have tried many things but never stuck at them. I joined the January 2016 beginners group with the view that I just wanted to complete parkrun! I have now run about 36 parkruns, a number of 10ks & am signed up for my first half marathon in may.
At 42 I am fitter than I have ever been!
I love That RR have so many club runs & that even though my husband works shifts, I can always get to at least 2 runs per week.
The other thing I love is that RR is just £5 to join & that all the amazing run leads give up their time to run the groups simply because they love it too!!

Kirsty Berryman
I joined the Annette Smyth beginners course in Jan 16 as a friend persuaded me. I had completed couch to 5k a year previous but then my running buddy ran off to OZ and I just didn’t like running alone. I love running because it has given me confidence and self esteem which I was lacking before. Through the club I have made life long friends who I wouldn’t be without & who are so supportive. At the beginning I was self conscious and hardly turned up but I got to know a few people I started to really enjoy it. All I wanted was to say I could run 5k. Now I have achieved distances I never thought possible.

Rachel Blatchford
I am on the final week of the beginners course and i can honestly say it’s been the best thing I’ve done in ages! I joined because i wanted a new challenge, to get fit and increase my confidence. Running is not something that comes naturally to me and at times it’s been tough, but I’m so proud of my achievement so far and looking forward to my graduation run on Saturday. Plus I’m already setting myself goals for future running! Redway Runners are a lovely bunch of people who have been incredibly supportive and clearly want other people to enjoy running as much as they do.

Di Oates
Had never ran in my life. Never thought I could. Then I joined Redway Runners beginners’ group in 2015 at the age of 55 and found I could do it. I might be slow but I keep going and I get there. One of the best things I’ve ever done. I’m fitter than I’ve ever been and have met a lot of lovely people through the club. Gone from thinking I can’t to 10km non stop and now wondering ‘could I manage a half marathon?’

Martin Palmieri
I was not a beginner when I joined, but I may as well have been. I had been running for 5 years before I joined.. I loved running, but was losing motivation running on my own. I joined in May 2016 and my life was transformed. My stress levels are now at an all-time low, my running has improved in every possible way and I have made countless new friends, who have been hugely instrumental in my improvements. It is a club which helps so much, you want to give something back. I have mentored a friend run her first half-marathon, I have helped a lot with beginners and I will soon be leading my own beginners class. To crown an amazing first year with the club, I am running my second marathon in Liverpool, something which would not be happening without Redway Runners.

Franzi Florack
I love the RWR because they are such a brilliantly inclusive community. I joined about a year ago as a relatively new runner and as I have progressed in my running I have been able to find different groups to suit my training- chatty runs, long runs, intervals, hill work: we do them all. The RWR encourage me to be the best runner I can be and I am delighted to see the progress I am making. I just took 13 minutes off my half marathon pb at the Silverstone Half Marathon and I am already looking forward to the London Marathon, where all the hard work and variation in training will really come into its own.

Christine ‘Foreman’ Snusher
I have always wanted to run but never seemed to have the self confidence or the motivation together to do it. I signed up for the RWR newsletter and after having had a few life changing events saw a beginners class advertised with Glenn and Helen and decided to take the plunge. I just wanted to run 5k, given I couldn’t do 2mins let alone 30 mins I was still unsure…. That was in Jan this year and I have been blown away by the genuine comradery. Everyone from Glenn, Helen, the helpers and even the other people in the group just help and encourage every step of the way. It’s more like a huge family!! I did my first test parkrun last week and am looking forward to my first ”official” one this week. I don’t know who is more excited me or Glenn & Helen lol. I am not only proud of myself but also the others in the group who grow stronger and more determined each week and already looking forward to what comes next

Theresa Randall
Best thing I ever did was to join Glenn’s beginners group 2 years ago. Did my graduation parkrun and joined the club kown as the Green Army. Thought I was happy sticking to parkrun and 5k’s but once you get the running bug it’s hard to shift it. I gradually increased my training and ran my first 10k in October last year and have more lined up for 2017. The clubs commitment to having fun is an added bonus and their ability to make everyone feel welcome, no matter what level of ability or speed, is the reason I will stay a memeber. Redway Runners is like having an extended family and everyone looks out for everyone else, it’s priceless. Don’t think I’m quite ready for a half marathon just yet, but watch this space

Ian Stevens
I joined Redway Runners about four years ago. From Day One they were brilliant. Everyone in the club looks after everyone else. There are some very fast runners and some quite slow ones…..but we all share the same passion. We all talk together. We range from 16+ to 70+ but we are like a great big family. For me, joining the club was a liberation. I’ve had clinical depression for over fifty years, but re-discovering running with RR made such a difference. The friendships I’ve made, the regular runs and the huge support from the club members has been transformational for me.

 Daria Croker
Over Christmas 2015 my daughter starting pestering me to sign up to Race for Life in 2016 and, after too many glasses of champagne, I finally agreed. A week later I was celebrating my 50th birthday and wondering how on earth I was going to get my unathletic body and a teenager to commit to a training plan. Well, that was the easy part. I signed us both up to a beginners’ course with Redway Runners. A year later and I have run that Race for Life, many parkruns, numerous other 5 and 10km events, 6 half marathons, one twenty miler and I will run my first marathon in May. My daughter will run her first half marathon this year. Something happened on that beginners’ course and running has taken over our lives. The support you get as a beginner, the graduation, then moving into the other group, first step up and then social and club runs. Did you ever imagine that you would want to do cross country again? Run a relay? Represent a club? Well you can, and there is no elitism about it, everyone is encouraged to join in. What is particularly fantastic is everyone’s efforts are applauded. You are congratulated and supported simply because you chose to come out and take part. And you don’t have to run to receive this support. Volunteers are enthusiastically acknowledged and everyone takes the time to thank marshall at events, run leaders, tail runners/riders and supports. Although it is not my favourite colour I am very proud to wear the Redway Runners green, and to be a part of this amazing club.

Steve Quinnell
I am an older runner that always ran unaffiliated and trained alone, which is why my running elapsed and I maybe entered one event a year. Since joining Redway Runners in early 2017 and their couch to 5k (C25K) beginners course my running is invigerated, I train regularly with a fantastic group of like-minded people, and while having fun I’ve also lost 9lbs! I’m now looking forward to joining one of the step-up groups

Hev Dukes
I was always told I was too fat to run.. I tried time and again on my own and always gave up.. In Jan this year I joined ros beginners after much pursuation from my friend .. I literally have not looked back.. Even when I think I’m doing badly the support received from leaders and helpers and other runners just blows you away.. Running now makes me happy not miserable .. I’m still a plodder but now believe in myself and realize that’s ok.. I ran my first park run last week.. Something I never thought would ever happen .. The redway runners stayed to cheer me in.. I was overwhelmed .. And yes had a little cry.. It’s not just a running club it’s a family and has certainly changed me forever xxxxxx

7 March 2017


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