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Portia at the awards

December 10, 2015 by Martin Lawrence
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Last Friday night, Portia who coaches at the club was at the Bucks and MK Sports awards at Aylesbury for being nominated as Community Coach of the Year a great honour for her and the club, we asked Portia for her thoughts:

I am overwhelmed being shortlisted for Community Coach of the year award 2015. Despite not winning the award, being shortlisted in the final three is total achievement of which I am proud of thank you Redway Runners and Leap for supporting me. As a shortlisted candidate in the final three means I now join the list of elite sport facilitators in the county. 
Our running club (RR) has a wonderful family feel catering for all abilities in running, our volunteer run leaders give up their time to help runners, especially Martin Lawrence rain or shine he is out to lead, his love for running is infectious it rubbed off on me.  The best part of my role as Club Coach is to share and follow my runners journey, from day one on a Beginners course, hearing comments like:- “I can’t run”, I”am too slow” to eventually running a 5k’s 10k’s 1/2 marathon’s and full marathon. I love seeing my athletes using our running club Redway Runners as tool to reach their personal goals. Everyone is unique with the right metal strength, determination and training you can achieve anything. Lastly thank you to my friends who attended the event with me.
Keep Running. See you all soon.