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Treasure Hunt Fun run

October 24, 2016 by Martin Lawrence
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On Sunday 23 October, 78 took part in today’s ‘Treasurer Hunt Fun Run’ from The Harvester at Willen East Lake. The run which replaced the normal Sunday Run was a test event for a bigger event next year to help celebrate the MK 50.

The letters found were R; O; U; N; D; A; B; O; U; T; S. (If you know the word these letters make, answers on a postcard to MGB, Martin and Richard).

A special thanks to my team of helpers, Sophie, Helen, Carol, Riitta, Brenda, Sheila but special thanks to my wing man, Ian Stevens for making the event a tremendous success. Many thanks to the staff at The Harvester for looking after us with delicious rolls.

We hope you all enjoyed it, especially the memento. Judging by the laughter and feed back, you all did.
Don’t forget to post your ‘selfies’

You can view the rules, click here and the clues, click here (both open in Word)

The winners of the ‘Gold Chest of Money’ were Sarah Lawrence, Kevin Ferris and Paul Townsend with a time of 57:51.

For a full list of results click here (opens in Excel)- or summary below.


  1. Sarah Lawrence Kevin Ferris Paul Townsend 0:57:51
  2. Michelle George-Barnes Richard Doherty Martin Lawrence 1:01:42
  3. Eric Armitige Paul Maher Martin Shepherd 1:06:43
  4. Leigh Steere Karen Lawrence Nigel Sheppard 1:07:24
  5. Helen Vaughan Len Vaughan Hannah Connelly 1:09:11
  6. Sarah Woodruff Joanne Obee Stuart Woodruff 1:09:32
  7. Lucinda Parish Spencer Ollington Amber Snell 1:10:28
  8. Jackie Bond Paul MacLoskey Neville Rowles 1:10:59
  9. Tracy Nuttall Steve Burlace Sarah Greig 1:19:14
  10. Debbie Dickinson Glenn Dickinson Andrew Baldwin 1:20:20
  11. Jane Ritchie Sarah Ritchie Will Maisey 1:20:54
  12. Janet Maidment Pet Hedges Paul Jones 1:21:22
  13. Sian Carter Layla Morrison Joanna Barlow 1:21:51
  14. Caroline Beechey Lucy Fitzgerald Sarah Buck 1:23:07
  15. Niam Hani Ros Crawley Zaid Alani 1:23:13
  16. Daria Croker Steve Boothby Rosalind Wyatt 1:25:34
  17. Denise Clayden Jonathan Clements Carol Webber Mike Webber 1:28:47
  18. Annette Smyth Suzy Patmore Simon Richards Lauren Keeler 1:30:14
  19. Shannon Crowley Wendy McConnel Stephanie Dutton 1:31:00
  20. Jo Fewings Sarah Hill Sean O’Leary 1:32:57
  21. Hannah Chalk Phil Mardon Evie Butler 1:36:35
  22. Ausra Siauliene Aidas Siaulys Ramunas Paukstys 1:38:09
  23. Leyla Currie Sam Devonauld Jenna Tomlin 1:38:40
  24. Angela Irving Denise Farmer Suzanne Sharp Genci Pepaj 1:50:07
  25. Helen Wiggins Michael Devonauld Katie Wall 2:04:02
Lets do it again next year ………treasure-hunt-run-oct-2016