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June 24, 2018 by Martin Lawrence
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We get lot of questions about the club and thought would try to answer some of the common ones:

Can I try a session before I join?

Yes, just come along, say hi to the run lead at the start of the run and they will have a short form to complete, hopefully you will enjoy and decide to join, you can try the club for two weeks.

I am interested in more information about the club?
If you complete this link we will send you some information about the club and you will then recieve the club newsletters

When are the runs?

They are all listed on our web site under ‘training’ and ‘Weekly runs’ at:

Where is the Sunday run?

These are all listed on the club web site at;

How do I order club kit?

This is all on the club web site under ‘‘, once you have placed an order they take about 15 working days to be ready but if you want it for a specific event order as early as possible

Can I purchase kit if I have not joined?

Club kit is for club members

I have a personal issue that want to resolve?

If you have any concerns then please speak to the run lead first or to club chair, Martin Lawrence, if you cannot resolve it we have a club welfare office with Rena feel free to get in touch with her

What benefits does having England Athletics affiliation add?

We have put information on this (see table near bottom of page) at:

Can I add England Athletics affiliation to my membership?

Yes, sign in to your Redway Runners profile and you can, ‘Add England Athletics’

What are the dates of track sessions?

We usually have them on the last Wednesday of the month, but we also have extra sessions, they are all listed under ‘‘ tab on the club web site.

I want to help with the club?

That would be great if you want to help on club runs let either Michelle or Martin know, if you want to help at events then let Martin or Stephen know

I have an idea for the club?

We like ideas and welcome proposals, especially if you are able to drive delivery of the idea

Does the club have a venue to meet?

No we do not, but are often looking for somewhere that we could host events, like socials, talks etc, if you can help get in touch

I am a business/service can we work together?
Hpefully you cvan sign up for our club supporters mail at: and anything mail us at

I want to register as a Redway Runner what can I do?

You can register Redway Runners as your club on a number of on-line sites

Strava users need to search under ‘clubs’ (on the ‘explore’ tab) when you find ‘Redway Runners’ click join, you should be confirmed fairly quickly

Fetch Everyone
Fetch users pick ‘clubs’, find ‘Redway Runners’ and then join

From any e-mail from parkrun, select ‘manage my profile’ then you can update your club to ‘Redway Runners’ and save.

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