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You told us about the impacts of Redway Runners

January 22, 2024 by Martin Lawrence
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Recently we asked our members for Testimonials about Redway Runners and how many couples had met because of Redway Runners, we have an incredible 17 Redway Runners couples that we know about!, this is what you told us:



Shadat Khan (Visually Impaired Runner)

I’m a Visually Impaired Runner. I will be running one of the most exciting Marathons in the world – London Marathon in April 2024 but only because of how supportive Redway Runners are. My club have gone to immense lengths to make running accessible & provide me a very high level of support through our amazing Guide Runners, who work so hard to keep us all safe. Our experienced Run Leaders are creative in how they incorporate the Redway network with the more rural paths of our beautiful city – simultaneously attending to everyone’s welfare. How blessed I am to be amongst such diverse and inspirational runners

Bernie Barnes (aged 78)

My wife Kate and I joined a Redway Runners beginners group April 2016, I eventually progressed from run a minute walk a minute to running approx. 20 miles a week. Early summer of 2020 I got double pneumonia and spent 4 weeks in hospital, as I was recovering a doctor asked me about my lifestyle, I told him about my running with Redway Runners, he said you are very strong and I think running has given you extra lung capacity which has saved your life, so thanks Redway Runners you saved my life


Helen Riddy

We are a ‘Redway Runners’ couple.

Not sure if we were the first wedding due to RR but we certainly wouldn’t have met without this club!

Joining Redway Runners was the best thing I ever did. I joined 10 years ago and it has never stopped giving confidence, awesome people and a safety blanket that I can always return too.

I’ve gone for jobs I wouldn’t have done because, if I can build myself up to train for and complete a marathon, why can’t I learn this role?

People wise, it’s not just giving me Andy but two of my closest friends, Heather and Katie, with Heather being my matron of honour at our wedding.

Ten years ago I was a single, novice runner with a very small circle of friends.

Today, I’ve accomplished 1 marathon, 9 half marathons, 4 10 milers and many 10K and 5K races. I’m a run lead, a parkrun run director, a wife, a step-mum, have expanded my circle of friends and am blessed to spend time with the most incredible people because I made the decision to go out running.

I could have stayed at home, in the warm and dry, but instead I chose to step outside and change my life.

Thank you, Martin, and everyone who makes this club work. Xx


John Church

I suffered severe depression and social anxiety for years to point where I wouldn’t leave the house for days, sometimes weeks

I could not tolerate being in locations with other people.

I tried counseling and medication, but nothing worked and I was slowly getting worse.

I would sit at home smoking and eating myself into an early grave.

Then my wife Nicola who was already a member of the club suggested I join. To be honest i couldn’t think of anything worse.

In 2016 I took the plunge and joined one of Glenn’s beginner’s courses and I couldn’t believe how nice a friendly everyone was.

After a few weeks my confidence grew, and my fitness improved and this in turn helped me give up the 40 a day ciggy habit.

Long story short in 2024 I am still running with the club, and I have a nice collection of shiny medals and no mental health challenges.

So thank you to RR and Nicola for helping me change my life.


Simon Richards (Severely sight Impaired runner)

After being registered severely sight impaired, I struggled to cope with the condition.  I was diagnosed as having severe depression and my mum, who was already a Redway Runner, spoke to the club. She was advised that a few people had just completed a guide course and they would love to help me.  She arranged for me to meet a beginner run lead as I was nervous, had never run before and didn’t think I could run with my condition.  Also some guides that were willing to help me on the start of my running adventure attended the meeting.

7 Years after completing my beginner course I am proud to say that my Redway Runner “family” has enabled me to run 4 marathons (1 including a guide coming to Paris with me) , 1 Ultra Marathan and many Half marathons.  I have never been involved with a club that is so inclusive and will do whatever is needed for equality to enable people like me to truly feel part of a team.  A chat group was also created for guides so that I could let them know what assistance I needed for different events.  I have realised that whilst running is good for mental health, I believe that it’s the people you meet and run with that really make the difference.

I am also proud to say that I met my partner on my beginners course and after proposing on the finish line of a Half marathon that she guided me on, we will be married in 9 weeks!!


Glenn Dickinson

I’m healthier and lighter than I was when I was fifteen. Prior to 2012, I’d never even considered that I could run a marathon and now I’ve done several.

In terms of mental health, lockdown was a bad time for many people. I don’t think enough has been said about how Martin’s leadership and innovative thinking helped to keep a sense of community and belonging when many were feeling lonely and worried. Examples include the online quizzes, the talent show, podcasts and the provision of running routes on RunGo. Martin and colleagues also put a lot of effort into bringing back to some normality as we came out of lockdown with face-to-face runs and events such as the Daytona track events.


Sarah Jane Bird

RR the barmy army helped me massively with my mental health whilst going through divorce – just running with friendly likely minded people. Making lifelong friends……. Oh and meeting Kevin Ferris through RR too


Eillien Gallagher

Although I have only been a Redway Runners member for 6 months the difference in my physical and mental health is huge: I’ve regained my energy, lost weight and virtually eliminated my debilitating menopause symptoms. I’ve also made many friends, recovered my confidence, fallen in love with running, run a half marathon and am now training for a marathon 🏃‍♀️💚

Sorry if that’s a bit long


Kathy Kathy

I don’t mind sharing… when I lost my sister in 2015 I joined RR in 2016 after watching them run with lights near Willen Hospice and then I lost my mum in 2017. Ive met a wonderful bunch of runners who let me be “me” again and we are all still good friends. I also do lots of charity running. Regained my love for running and fitness whilst having a good laugh 😃 misfits 100%


Ali Rutherford

I joined in late 2013 going through a marriage break up and the loss of my baby grandson running was my savoir. I was already running Park Run and that is where I noticed the green tops and got chatting to a couple of people I then plucked up the courage to go to a Wednesday morning run and everyone was so lovely and welcoming so I kept going back never looked back once as I have made so many friends and my social life never better honestly don’t think I would have got through a lot of stuff with the green army .


Nicola Church

I was told about RR from when I was part of another club climb your mountain. I have suffered with anxiety and depression for years and found things really challenging when my youngest was diagnosed with autism, ADHD and epilepsy. We had already been through a tough time with our older son so it felt even more difficult having to face the same challenges again. Running with club really helped me but in 2017 my mental health started to get really bad again and was signed off work and I couldn’t leave the house unless someone was with me. Things did improve and I started running again and was extremely lucky to have won the club place for the London marathon for 2020.

The club gave me back the confidence I’d lost and I started to led the Tuesday run and also help with the Wednesday morning run too. The club has made a massive difference to my life and have made some amazing supportive friends and now my husband John is a member and is as obsessed with running as I am.

it’s changed both our lives so thank you RR and all the volunteers for all the hard work you do x


Redway Runners couples


Nikki Norman

As I said last night but in case you forgot – ME!!!!! 😂😂😂


Katie Wall

Steve and I met whilst helping on the autumn beginners led by Debs and Nathan back in 2021, and still going strong.


Lynda Peacock

Wayne and I met through RR. As well as changing my life for the better after divorce and a number of years as an isolated single parent. Can’t thank you enough


Molly Leib

Pete and I met on a Redway Runners ramble in 2018 😊


Alice Robertson-Glasgow

You definitely know Simon Richards and I met through the club. Less than 2 months to our wedding now!


Hayley Jayne

James Gosling and I met due to me turning up to social instead of step-up nearly two years ago. Steve Rose never let me leave and I’ve been stuck with James ever since 🤣


Brigitte Kennedy

We met at another MK running club but we are RRs now 😀🤠


Paul Hewitt

Yes Jackie Bond and I met at an rr pub run on a lovely Friday evening Aug 2018 and happily married last August.


Angel Cooper

Me and Richard Cartwright 💚 both in Cardiff now though aha


Leigh Steere

Was I remembered as one of the 5 or 6 ?


Sarah Armitage

With Elliott


Karen Place

Dan Amsbury & I met through running and we are both with RR now and love parkrun tourism together 😍


Melanie Reed

Maff Childs and I met because of Redway Runners


Jeremy Church

Nearly 11 years ago Claudia and I met on RR marathon training sessions too


Gavin Skelly

Went out for a Wednesday night club run in Dec 2011!! Some leggy bird (now known as Lu Skelly) was elbowing me in the ribs as we ran round Willen Lake and I thought “ohhhhh helloooow” – anyhow 13 years later, 3 kids, 1 dog, 1 cat and a great mortgage……….if I’d just gone on the Thursday night instead………….


Angela Mulligan

Martyn Douglas and I met over 10 years ago at a Redway Runners social run and ended up on the same ‘Improve Your 5k’ course. Together for 9.5 years


Hannah Watkins Connelly

Me and Richard must have been on your list?


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