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Andy reaches the year in miles

September 19, 2021 by Martin Lawrence
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Well done to Redway Runners member Andy Sparrow who has run over 2,021 miles already in 2021.


Andy told us:


Original target was 2021K Jan-Oct but averaging 400km per month didn’t seem that hard to achieve so changed the units to miles and deadline as Bedford Half Marathon on the 5 Septembr 2021.

My daily runs have been around the Windmill Golf course area – Redways and footpaths. Weekends and Bank Holidays would get extra laps – 5 plus the in/out of the estate to the loop gives me HM distance. Every month included at least one at that distance, April I had 5, 2 over the Easter Weekend. Those walking dogs would see me multiple times as I completed another lap.

My job takes me around the country (world sometimes) so doing pre breakfast runs in Peterhead (north of Aberdeen) in February was interesting. Some days had to be treadmill due to location (hill tops around coastline are not always good weather).

January 2019 I did couch to 5k then just kept going. Joined Redway Runners then COVID hit. Did manage one evening run with club.  At least running on my own wasn’t stopped.

Heading for 6 months in Falklands so currently in quarantine but still able to get some runs in on our restricted site.

On return I want to work on getting my Half Marathon PB below 1:50

Maybe 2022 will not clash MK and Bedford running festivals.


Pic is just before finish line this year Bedford Half.