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Old Money Run Report 2021

September 25, 2021 by Martin Lawrence
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Event Report, by Daria

Saturday afternoon saw Sam Greenwood, Ian Pennicott and me putting up signs and making flour arrows around the new Old Money Run course to ensure that all participants would feel safe and not get lost

At 7am on Sunday 19 September 2021 we, along with David Rose and Paul Macloskey arrived at Furzton Lake to set up HQ. This was a new location with a new route, which still allowed runners to choose either a 5 mile or 10 mile distance.

Pete Galvin arrived at 8.00am to run the course and make sure all the signs were still in place. When he returned, he took up his second job of MCing for the day. Lisa and Pete started setting up the BBQ, Debbie Dickinson the cake stall, and the portaloos arrived.  By 9.00 our marshals and first aiders were starting to arrive and were briefed by Sue Boothby and sent out onto the course. Some of these marshals were signed up for two or more jobs.  Anne Bonson and Carolyn got ready to register the runners.

A frantic phone call from my husband – I had forgotten the chocolate coins! I knew there was something.
Really Awesome Coffee phoned – they couldn’t get under the height barrier into the carpark. A dash down to the pub to lower the bollards, and they were soon with us.

Dom and Will arrived to set up timing. At 9.45 I noted that our tail runner, Steve Boothby had arrived, but our lead bike, Simon Smyth, was missing. He arrived a few minutes later without me going into panic mode.

And finally we were ready. A rumour was heard that a few people were struggling with parking so we delayed the start for a minute or two.  A few minutes past 10 Pete called all the runners  to the start line. Photos published this week show Ben Fairhall, Tony Dalgish and Simon Billenness  at the front starting their watches. And away they went..

More activity in the village as a water station was set up, medals put out and those forgotten chocolate coins arrived. Messages were coming in from the marshals. The leader was a long way in front, and soon it wasn’t long before Ben Fairhall came through the check point. Starting his second  lap, he declined his drink and sped on. Simon was peddling furiously.

Several minutes later the next runners came through including our 5 mile winner – Dave Jones, followed by Simon Billenness and then our first lady in the 5 mile category (and 3rd overall) – Ellen Sharkey. Gabor Banfi was third man, Sarah Mann and Finley Lucas 2nd and 3rd lady respectively.
And then Ben was back, a fantastic run to take first place in the 10 mile race,  Alan Hill was second and Tony Dalglish third. The ladies race became a battle as Gemma Bond just pipped Emily Bousfield for the win, and Tina McGreal was third.

Sue Burke from club charity MK-ACT presented the prizes while finishers gathered in the shelters out of the rain.

While the final runners finished two of us set out to take down the signs. We had been warned that some had been pulled down, but was still surprised that someone had tried to set one alight! In the time I was out collecting signs our capable volunteers had packed up the event HQ, with not even a gel wrapper left behind.

Congratulations to the runners, and thank you for all of your kind comments about the event and the new route. But these events can only take place because club members volunteer to make them happen. At the risk of forgetting someone please thank the following people:
Sam Greenwood, Ian Pennicott, David Rose, Paul Macloskey, Sue and Steve Boothby,  Debbie Dickinson, Ellie Dickinson, (and I know Glenn was helping in the background too), Shareen Wright, Lisa and Pete Cameron, Michelle and Lee George-Barnes, Anne Bonson, Carolyn ???, Simon Smyth, Will Shippen, Dom Kingsman, Pete Galvin,  Kathryn and Stephen Dunham, David Rose, Debbie Manser, Rosalind Crawley, Roberta Sharpe, Corey Jackson, Helen Bulcher-Altona, Chris Kingsman, Paul Macloskey, Angela Mulligan, Cat Walker, Jan Howard, Allan Blackburn, Michael Devonald, Isabel Milne and Jane Spencer for giving up part or all of their weekend to make the Old Money Run 2021 possible.

They are all superstars.