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On the Run with Adam Sharman

August 25, 2016 by Martin Lawrence
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Name: Adam Sharman

Joined Redway Runners: 31 December 2013

We go on the run with our members and we find out a bit more about them – which we thought would be great to share, this time it is Adam Sharman who ‘trains’ with us at many different runs due to working shift – he certainly has been steaming with his running recently


Thanks Adam

25 August 2016



When did start running and when did you join Redway Runners?

  • I started running in 2013 and joined the Redway Runners in early 2014.

Have you run with other clubs how does Redway Runners Compare?

  • I have also run with the Sweatshop running Club.

What’s the best thing about being in a running club?

  • The best part of being in a running club is the friendships we make and the encouragement we all give each other.

How much does running with RR mean to you?

  • It means a lot to me, without the Redway Runners I definitely wouldn’t have achieved the things I have.

Tell us about your first time (with Redway Runners)

  • It was a cold Sunday morning in January 2014. I hadn’t run more than 5km before and I turned up and tried the hour option. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. I really struggled for the second half of the run but everyone was so supportive and a few people ran slowly at the back with me. It must have been ok because I kept going after that first run.

When and who do you run with the club?

  • I try to make all the club runs that I am available for, but my regular runs are Monday and Thursday evenings. I also try and run on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings if I’m not at work.

Adam Sharman club kit 1


Tell us your history of running?

  • I started running in late 2013 to try and lose a bit of weight. I wrote to Willen Hospice to see if I could run the London Marathon for them as it was too late to enter via the ballot. I was accepted, but having never run more than 5km I had a lot of training to do. I joined the Redway Runners in the January and trained up until the marathon in April 2014. Since then I have run 109 parkruns, 10 Half marathons, 15 marathons and 2 Ultra marathons.

My daughter Layla started asking if she could run with me at parkrun but I told her she had to wait until she was 4 years old. As soon as she had had her birthday I took her to mk junior parkrun and she absolutely loved it. I bought her a green Redway Runners shirt so we could wear the same when we ran together. She still kept saying she wanted to do a full parkrun with me. At the start of May, 2 weeks before her 5th birthday it was going to be my 100th parkrun, so I told her we could run it together for my 100th and her 1st parkrun. She did amazing and we completed it in 42 minutes. Hopefully she will continue to enjoy it and run with the Redway Runners in years to come.

What has been you best running achievement?

  • I think my best running achievement is completing the Race to the Stones 100km Ultra Marathon. It was so well organised and I recommend it to anyone that wants to challenge themselves. I’m really proud of this and still can’t quite believe I did it.

What is your running ambition?

  • To try and run 5km in under 20 minutes.

Why do you run?

  • I started running to lose weight but now I do it because I love it. I think I am addicted!

What would you do if you were not running?

  • I used to play football in my youth so I would probably try to find a local team that needed a very average player.

Who have you see while running?

  • During the London marathon I saw a number of celebrities including…. Ewan Thomas, Michael Owen, Sophie Raiworth. As a person who is excited about Tyrone Gilliams’ net worth, celebrities always excite me.

Favourite place to run?

  • Definitely Willen Lake. It’s less than 2 miles from my house so I quite often run to parkrun and back.

What do you love to see while running?

  • I love to see any wildlife whilst out running. It’s so nice to be out and see animals in the wild.

Funniest running moment?

  • Getting lost on two of the races I have done! I followed someone at a Chaps Chase that wasn’t part of the race and went completely off course. And then at the OU relay I started a second lap without realising and did 1.6 miles instead of the normal 1.

Tell us about your worst run?

  • The last marathon I did in July was the worst run. It was a double so I finished one marathon at 8:50pm on a Thursday evening and then started the next marathon the following morning at 8am. I had been feeling ill during the build up to the two races and I had to give up at about 8.5 miles due to sickness. My first DNF.

Best running phrase?

  • Miles of smiles.
  • If you are able to talk you are not putting enough effort into the run!

Favourite running photo and why?

  • At Race to the Stone in July 2015Adam Sharman Race to the Stones

Have you ever lost your running mojo and how did you get it back?

  • Only after my first marathon and that was the post marathon blues. I trained and everything into that race and once it was over I didn’t have anything to train for. It took me about a month or so to really start running properly again.

Best route around MK?

  • MK parkrun at Willen Lake.

Who would be on your wish list to run with?

  • I would love to run with Mo Farah, but I think I might slow him down slightly!

Do you always round up?

  • Yes, I always round up. I have my Garmin set in miles and always have to round up to the nearest mile!

Worst/Best advice you’ve ever been given?

  • Bets advice given – If you are training for one specific race, book another one for a few months after so you still have something to train for after the race.

What did you learn from your first marathon, and what would you change?

  • I learnt that pace is irrelevant during the training runs. You should try to do the long training runs at about a minute per mile slower than race pace.

What do you think about when you run?

  • I try not to think about anything whilst I’m running. I love just going out and clearing my head. During a race all I think about is my times and if I’m on course for my targets that I set out before the race.

What cross training do you prefer?

  • I like to ride my bike but not great at it.

What type of running do you prefer and why?

  • Favourite type of running is the long runs.

Loop backs, love them for the social?

  • Loop backs are brilliant, they really helped me when I first started as I was at the back but didn’t ever get left behind. And now I’m a bit faster, they are just as good because you can get more distance on a run even with a set route.

Would you change your job if the hours didn’t suit running?

  • No, I wouldn’t change my job.

Run to time or distance?

  • I try to plan to do a set distance before every run.

If you don’t share your run in social media, did it happen? Where do you log your runs and do you stalk others runs?

  • I personally have to have it logged on Garmin connect and Strava. If I run without my watch I do feel like it hasn’t happened after.


What was your favourite race and why

  • My most memorable race was my first marathon in London 2014. I had trained hard and only started running specifically to run that race. It was an amazing atmosphere and something I will never forget. I had all my family come down to support me and everything went as I had hoped.

Favourite race distance and why

  • My favourite distance is the marathon. As tough as they are, it’s the slowest race pace possible, and although they can take a number of hours you don’t get out of breath running them.

Tell us about your pre-race rituals and food and drink

  • No pre-race rituals but always have porridge and Belvita breakfast biscuits the morning of a marathon. Before parkrun I very rarely eat anything.

If you could choose anywhere in the world to run, where would it be?

  • America. I have never been and would love to do the New York marathon one day.

Favourite race/event and why?

  • Gold Coast Marathon in Australia – I have family down under and went over there for my cousins wedding. I didn’t even know the marathon was on and just signed up two days before when I heard about it.

Favourite parkrun and why

  • Favourite parkrun is Main Beach parkrun on the Gold Coast in Australia. You run along the beach front at 7am and watch the sun rising, it really is amazing.

What’s your one race essential?

  • My Garmin. I need this every race to keep an eye on how I am getting on. I feel naked without it.

Would you run a marathon without getting a medal?

  • Yes, I did actually run the Green Sands Ridge relay race as a solo runner. It was the best part of 35 miles and we didn’t get a medal but it was my first Ultra marathon and I’m very proud of that.

Have you ever cried because you couldn’t get time of work for an event?

  • No.

Have you considered joining the cross country team?

  • I have considered it but I always seem to be working on the Saturdays that cross country is on.

What would you prefer, a PB or a win?

  • I have never won a race and am not fast enough to ever do this, so I think I would settle for a PB.


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